01/07 – 30/07/2017

The first solo exhibition of the artist Adeline de Monseignat. ‘L’attesa’ (the wait) is a site specific project linked to the being stuck in a moment and the stillness of actions, both activities that characterise psyco-social unsureness and instability. If you deprive time of its continuous flow and the sequential series made by it, you would act in an suspended condition where it’s impossible to you to know your mind coordinates and moreover to generate projections, aims and expectations.

When the natural straight line of time turns into a circular curve every single, action entails a repetition and a coming-back. That’s what happens on Penelope’s Wheel, Adeline’s work: an artificial microcosmos in which the time units (12 bright spheres) follow each other in an everlasting movement. This kind of action increases the wait frustration, a wait that has no possible solution or development.

The installation was thought as a big “meditation machine”and it will be placed in Exchiesetta’s context that is a symbolic, immortal and eternal place.

It goes through the history of occidental thought, rom Agostino to Bergson, and it can be considered as a “distensio animae” place (this latin word means a place in which you can rest your soul”, a place in which you can recover the actual perception of your life and the passing of time, through your memory and wait. As Berson says, memory and wait are both principles of a conscience that lays inside everyone of us and that keeps into our past swelled up with every single trace of present that it can find along our life path.

About the artist:
Adeline de Monseignat born in Monaco (1987). Lives and works in London. Recent Exhibitions: 2017, Modern Penelope Prints, Palm Tree Gallery, London; House of Penelope, Gallery 46, London; Substance, Mannerheim Gallery, Paris; 2016, Beyond Borders, Blain Southern, London; UK/raine, Saatchi Gallery, London; Whispers, Ronchini Gallery, London (2015); 2014, Time to Hit the Road' Leila Heller, New York; 2013, Articulate Victoria Miro, London; The London Project, Yorkshire Sculpture Park, London; The Uncanny, Ronchini Gallery, London; Dead Inside, Arts Club, New York; The Future Can Wait, Victoria House, London; 2012, Dividing Line, High House, London; The Threadneedle Prize, Mall Galleries, London.

Credit photo: Letizia Gatti

Penelope s Wheel II, 2017, powder coated steel, glass, LEDs and cables, 87x68x68 in
“L’attesa”, 2017, installation view in Exchiesetta
Adeline de Monseignat with Penelope s Wheel II, 2017
Penelope s Wheel II, 2017, powder coated steel, glass, LEDs and cables, 87x68x68 in
Adeline de Monseignat