07/07 – 31/07/2016

Giuseppe Teofilo’s research is characteristed by a transience through the use of wood, taken from boats and transforming it into sculpture. This transition of the material and the evolution into linear and geometric objects evokes the fascinating poetry of the Mediterranean character and the ‘trades of the sea’.

The floating paintings “sail” in the space, solid but ambiguous between the small movements of the natural stone wall and the unstable floor, generating perceptual uncertainty.

Enhanced by the roughness of the material and the unexpected lyricism of the cross-lamination in the wooden sculpture, the ambiguity in the matter of the sculpture creates in itself an unusual self-sculpture (being made by way of boat).

The sinuous curve of the concave-convex surfaces implies a problematic position of the observer, particularly in light of the white and black monochromatic nature of the work and the charm on the display in Exchiesetta; which does not allow the viewer to approach the work. The positioning of the work in relation to the space creates a problematic and interesting viewpoint. The distance becomes clear whilst viewing the nailed points that hold the pieces together, woven into wooden sections, they appear as micro-graphic, astronomical constellations.

This pictorial image transcends the piece between both sculpture and painting, evolving it into something metaphorical and elusive. This situation of the presence of the sculpture echoes the anatomical works by Pino Pascalli, and the presence of fluctuating light is reminiscent of Francesco Lo Savio or Pino Pinelli.
(Roberto Lacarbonara)

About the artist:
Giuseppe Teofilo was born in Polignano a Mare (Italy) in 1981. His works are often the result of assemblages of different objects taken from Mediterranean tradition and classical culture. He was a finalist of the Giovanni and Marella Agenelli prize in Turin, Italy in 2007, chaired by Francois Pinault. His most recent museum exhibition was a solo show in 2009 at the Fondazione Museo Pino Pascali. His works are included in important collections in Italy and Europe.

Credit photo: Letizia Gatti

Floating work n.5 (disco), 2013-2014, painted wood, nails, 16x28 in diam.
Floats, 2016, installation view in Exchiesetta
Floating work n.11 (curva nera) and n.10 (ragnatela nera), 2013, painted wood, nails, 28x40 in each
Floats, 2016, installation view in Exchiesetta
Mask, 2014, clothes pegs, 11x14x8 in