Fumo negli occhi

29/06 – 29/07/2018

‘Fumo negli occhi’ (Smoke Screen) is a site specific project in which the two artists re-create their famous work Hiding the Elephant (2014), the first step in their long research into the connection between the techniques typical of the Age of Enlightenment and the strategies adopted by the secret services in Western countries during the Cold War in order to conceal and destroy all traces of documents and people that were against the State.

The installation is reminiscent of magician Harry Houdini's extraordinary performance in 1918, when he made an elephant disappear in front of thousands of people in new York's racetracks. By using mirror screens, smoke, light and reflections, the faces of the silhouettes hanging inside the small 1500s building allude to the many politicians, authors and journalists who have either been persecuted or reported missing in recent times, victims of intelligence operations carried out in Italy and in other Mediterranean countries.

Exchiesetta turns into a commemoration of repressed and adverse memories, in which lies, realities and appearance take turns in distorting History.

What remains, in its suspended and uncertain substance, is the pale portrays of Alboth and Mondlane, Moro and Pasolini, Cabral and Delgado, and the numerous other hostile witnesses whose disappearance is wrapped in utmost mystery and secrecy.

About the artist:
Goldschmied & Chiari (Sara Goldschmied 1975 and Eleonora Chiari 1971) live and work in Milan. Selected solo exhibitions: Vice Versa, Kristen Lorello, (NYC), Untitled Views, Renata Fabbri Arte Contemporanea, Milan; Dove andiamo a ballare questa sera?, Atelier House, Museion, Museo di arte contemporanea, Bolzano; Untitled Portraits, Kristen Lorello (NYC); La démocratie est illusion, Centre d’Art Contemporaine Passerelle, Brest (FR) e Villa Croce Museo di Arte Contemporanea, Genova; Fumo negli occhi, Galleria Gonzalez y Gonzalez, Santiago (CI); Genealogia di Damnatio Memoriae, Atelier House, Museion, Museo di arte contemporanea, Bolzano; Coinquilini/Roommates, Macro Museo d’arte contemporanea, Rome; Dump Queen, Galerie Elaine Levy Project, Brussels e Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Pesaro; Welcome, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, (NYC).

Credit photo: Marino Colucci/ Sfera

Fumo negli occhi, 2018, installation view in Exchiesetta
Hiding the Elephant, 2018, shaped mirrors, smoke, variable dimension
Hiding the Elephant, 2018, detail
Eleonora Chiari
Fumo negli occhi, 2018, installation view in Exchiesetta
Hiding the Elephant, 2018, detail