Act of God

06/10 – 28/10/2017

Referencing the International Navy Law, the term Acts of God defines a “major cause” as the happening of an unexpected and unforeseen event, caused by nature. This statement, defines the fate of dramatic events able to create both disasters and victims, consigns literally to the Laws of God the imputation of an evil and inescapable force.

The installation of Marco Strappato evokes the holy deposition scene, in which the presence of the white sculptures created by the artist, manipulate the shapes of broekn tree trunks and branches that have surfaced from the sea, on the shores of Strappato’s home town of Porto San Giorgio, on the Adriatic Sea.

Through the use of plaster, chalk, polyester, acrylic varnish and rabbit glue, the artist bestows to these bodies the appearance of human bones, stolen to the fate of catastrophic events during the seasonal mediterranean migration.
However, the depiction of an unforseeable event, reminds us immediately of the brutality of the trade of humans and the unlimited lives condemned to death. Thus the Acts of Gods becomes solely a conscious, deliberate, cruel act. Nevertheless, the sculptures also infer that there is a possibile, positive change of sense, acknowledging that the “human” and the “divine” can merge to show the progress of the science, in the creation of synthetic and artificial organs and bones, thanks to microsurgery, with the technique of the first experimentation of bone transplants currently being tested by surgeon Sergio Canavero with focus on the human skull. The sketched figures, sometimes rounded or tapered, white and solid like ancient greek idols carved in marble, which radiates the fragility from the ossarium in the small church of Santo Stefano, a sacred shelter on the earth.

About the artist:
Marco Strappato was born in 1982 in Porto San Giorgio (FM). Lives and works in London.
Recent solo exhibitions: 2017 - Palazzo Ducale, Urbino; 2015/2013, The Gallery Apart, Rome; 2013 - Crédit Agricol, Milan; 2010 - Placentia Arte, Piacenza.
Group shows: 2017 - Centro Pecci, Prato; White Crypt, London; Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome (XVI Quadriennale); 2016 - Fondazione Zimei, Pescara; Pump House Gallery, London; Royal College of Art, London; 2015 - Camden Arts Centre, London; Brazilian Embassy, Rome; 2014 - American Academy, Rome; VIR Viafarini in Residence, Milan; 2013 - Victoria Art Center, Bucarest; NurtureArt, Brooklyn, New York; Drome Project Space, Bruxelles; 2012 - Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa, Venice; WRO Art Center, Breslavia (Prague Biennale 5); 2011 - Fondazione Spinola Banna, Poirino; 2010 - Fondazione Merz, Turin.

Photo credit: Letizia Gatti

Acts of God, 2017, installation view in Exchiesetta
Acts of God, 2017, burned driftwood, rabbit glue, filler, plaster, mixed media, variable dimension
Acts of God, 2017, detail
Acts of God, 2017, detail
Acts of God, 2017, burned driftwood, rabbit glue, filler, plaster, mixed media, variable dimension
Marco Strappato
Acts of God, 2017, detail