04/07 – 19/09/2015

Rebecca Ward: indulgences, will feature never before exhibited works emphasizing the artist’s most revered iconography; a unique combination of geometric shapes, non-traditional materials, and feminine craft. Using an eclectic range of media including bleach, acrylic, spray paint, gouache, tape, and fabric dye, she continues her investigation of the relationship between the painted surface and its base with the works which will be featured in indulgences. The precision of the geometric shapes juxtaposed with the abstract nature and human quality of techniques produces remarkable, unified compositions in Ward’s works. For indulgences, Ward’s works will be exclusively shaped canvases, furthering her departure from ‘traditional paintings’, and solidifying her place within the artistic canon.

Exploring new trends while championing traditions of the past, rebecca ward is proud to be exhibiting at exchiesetta for her first italian solo exhibition.

About the artist:
Rebecca Ward (born in 1984, Waco, TX) lives and works in New York. She received her BA in Fine Arts from University of Texas in 2006, and an MFA in Fine Arts from School of Visual Arts, New York in 2012. Museum solo exhibitions include: The Museum of Contemporary Art, Raleigh. Notable solo exhibitions include: Ronchini Gallery, London, UK (2013), East Hampton Shed, East Hampton, NY (2013), and a two person show with Carla Accardi, Bibo's Place, Todi, Italy (2013). Her work is included in museum and public collections. Ward has participated in group exhibitions including: Maurizio Cattelan's The Virgins at Family Business, New York (2012), curated by Marilyn Minter; and Post-Op at Mixed Greens Gallery, New York (2012). Recent exhibitions include: Linear Abstraction, at SCAD, Savannah, Georgia (2015), The Shaped Canvas, Revisited at Luxembourg & Dayan, New York (2014), and Post-Analog Painting at The Hole, New York (2015). Forthcoming exhibitions include a solo show in 2015 at Ronchini Gallery.

Credit photo: Annamaria La Mastra

Indulgence, 2015, installation view in Exchiesetta
Indulgence, 2015, mixed media, variable dimension
Indulgence, 2015, installation view in Exchiesetta
Rebecca Ward
Indulgence, 2015, installation view in Exchiesetta
Soulmates, 2015, cedar boards and hardware
Cream and warm red, 2015, acrylic and dye on silk, 45x45 in